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New Student

Greetings Class of 2028!


We want to welcome you and your family to Portland High School and share with you some of the exciting things we will be doing to help you prepare for the next four years. We understand how important the transition from middle school to high school is for everyone, and want you to feel as prepared as possible when you walk into our beautiful and historical high school. One thing that you will surely experience and become a part of is the understanding and pride that comes with being a PHS Bulldog. Our school has a long, rich tradition of helping our students find themselves with the incredible opportunities and experiences that are unique to our school.

Let me assure you that the entire staff at PHS understands the highs and lows of starting high school and we are prepared to help our students and families navigate the excitement, the anxiousness, and the changes that occur between middle school and high school. At the top of our list is our desire for our students to feel welcomed, safe, and understand that we are here to help them succeed and find their respective voices over the coming year. We have a variety of structures in place that we believe make the transition to high school both manageable and doable.

As this final year of 8th grade continues for you, we will slowly start preparing you for high school and we will let you know about each step in the process as dates are finalized by our district leaders. Here are just a few things to keep in mind as this work begins:

Scheduling - In the coming months, teachers and counselors from PHS will be meeting with your current teachers and you to decide what classes are going to be the best fit for you in this first year of high school. We know that it is extremely important that you begin high school with the right level of classes that will help you adjust to high school and also connect with your interests and desires. Start thinking about the subjects that you currently enjoy the most, which areas you want to challenge yourself in, and also which areas you might need to build more skills and confidence in.

Visiting PHS - We want you to have a chance to come into our school and get a feel for the building, meet the teachers and staff that you will work with next year, and make you feel as comfortable and prepared as possible for the first days of school. This will happen in August before school starts and we will be communicating that with you later in the summer.

Teaming - For over 10 years PHS has used a model where grade 9 teachers are broken up into teams and these teachers meet with other staff (school counselors, ESOL teachers, Special Education teachers, social workers, and administrators) to discuss any concerns and changes that might need to happen in order to help students succeed. These teams meet weekly and are designed to help us remain focused on all students, to keep parents informed sooner rather than later, and to ensure high school success. We will certainly work with your current middle school staff to ensure that the teams are prepared to meet your needs and support is in place to make the transition a smooth one.

Personalization - I want you to know that all staff at PHS are committed to developing relationships with our students and we believe that this is a cornerstone of our school community. Our staff is focused on creating strong, positive relationships with all students. Each student is assigned an advisor who sees them on a daily basis for all four years of high school, and we make every effort to make connections with our students and to help them become successful in whatever path they choose.Additionally we have a dedicated teacher who leads our 9th grade teams. Mr. Levasseur is a great resource for families; he coordinates and communicates with families and is your contact for any questions. Ms. Victoria Caron will be the 9th grade school counselor next year and is available to you with any questions about student schedules and school needs in general. Both are important staff to get to know as you make the transition to high school.

We will contact you again in the coming months to ensure that you feel connected and prepared for this transition. Enjoy the remainder of time in middle school, and at the same time start thinking about the exciting opportunities and experiences that high school will bring to you.

Welcome to Portland High School!  Go Bulldogs!

Sheila Jepson

Sarah Obare
Assistant Principal 

Victoria Caron
School Counselor

Caitlin LeClair
Assistant Principal 

David Levasseur
Freshman Lead Teacher


High School Assignment Letter

Dear Student and Family,

We are writing to let you know that you have been assigned to high school as a member of the Class of 2028! We look forward to supporting you as you get ready to enter high school. Attached to this letter, you will find a welcome letter from your high school with information about the transition and what to expect before school starts this fall.

If you are currently enrolled in the Portland Public Schools, you do not need to do anything in order to accept your assignment. If you are not currently enrolled in the Portland Public Schools, you will need to complete the registration process. More information can be found on the Enrollment page on our website. 

As a reminder, your assignment is for the duration of the coming school year. Transfers between high schools will not be considered until after the completion of ninth grade.

If you would like to appeal your assignment, please click here for consideration. Appeals will only be considered if there is space at the requested school and at least one of the following criteria are met: 

  • You are a child of a staff member at the requested school.
  • You are a sibling of another student already enrolled in the requested school.
  • You have documented issues of safety or harassment related to the school assignment.
  • You are a child of any PPS staff member.

We look forward to partnering with you and your family as you begin your journey through high school to graduate prepared and empowered for college and career.

Aaron Townsend
Deputy Superintendent