Classroom Resources

Freshman Seminar
Mindfulness Lessons

Freshman Seminar
Phillip Hoose:  Attucks!

Ms. Reagan
Historical Movie Review

Mr. LeRoy
Health Research

Ms. Arsenault
Propaganda Project

Ms. Martin
Biome Research

Mr. Levasseur
In-Text Citations and Works Cited Review

Ms. Scheuchzer
Maine Animal Research

Ms. Reagan
Gender Research Paper

Mr. Begonia
Research Papers

Freshman Seminar 
Library Exploration (Open House Activity)

Ms. Scheuzcher
Disaster Proof Houses

Mr. Talarico
Human Body Systems Final Project

Ms. Lamm - Honors Physics
Research Guide

Freshman Seminar - MLA Format
Works Cited Template

Mr. Levasseur
Critical Essay Paper

Ms. Myatt
Is a College Degree Still Worth It?

Ms Murray: Research

Research Topic Steps

esearch Topics / Tips (full list)

Student List / Topic Selection

Our Places, Our Times: Analyzing a Photograph

Introduction Presentation (with links to work)

Our Places, Our Times

Photo Worksheet: Our Places, Our Times

Photo Worksheet: Class Photos

"I Am" Poem Template

Mrs. Porter: First Aid / Home Safety / Housing and Technology

Housing and Technology Research

Web Links / Pathfinder

Freshman Seminar: Copyright

Copyright Presentation (with links)

Workbook 119: Copyright-What are We Talking About?

Workbook 119: IN WORD

Is it Plagiarism?

Freshman Seminar: Evaluating Sources 

Evaluating Sources Presentation (with links)

Evaluating Sources: Handout

Evaluating Sources: Rubric

Classroom Resources

Interpreting as a Career: A Survey

Introduction to the Library Scavenger Hunt

Online Resources: An Outline

Introduction to Google

MLA Template Resources

MLA Format: Google Drive (Instructions)

MLA Format: Google Doc Template

Google Surveys

How to Create a Google Form (Survey)

Ms Reagan's Survey Link

A Test Google Survey