Letters of Recommendation

Guidance Counselor Recommendation:

Your counselor will write a comprehensive letter of recommendation for you. This descriptive letter is sent with your transcript to all schools to which you apply. This recommendation is developed through personal contact with you, your school record and teacher input.

Teacher Recommendations Requested by the Colleges:

If a college requires letters of recommendation from teachers, they will include forms in your application packet. It is strongly recommended that these letters be written by your junior or senior teachers, as colleges prefer to hear about your most recent academic performance. You should first inquire whether a teacher is willing to write a recommendation for you and make your request early. Provide each teacher with the college form, along with a stamped envelope addressed to each college. Teachers will then send these forms directly to the colleges. Since most colleges request similar information, teachers generally write one letter of recommendation which they will duplicate and mail to every college you indicate. While most colleges request only one letter of recommendation, some will require two. If that is the case, you should ask a teacher in another department and follow the same procedure.

Other Letters of Recommendation:

It may be appropriate for you to include letters of recommendation from an employer, coach or other advisor. We suggest that these letters be on appropriate letterhead if possible, and addressed "To Whom It May Concern." These letters will be kept on file in the Guidance Office, duplicated and set with your application packet, or you may send them directly to the colleges yourself.

Note: Sending too many letters of recommendation can work against you. As a rule of thumb, do not have people send letters unless they know you well enough to provide direct observations of your performance in and area not already documented. Your guidance counselor will be able to advise you about the appropriateness of extra letters