Typical College Interview Questions

About Your Prospective Major

* In what major field are you interested? Have you had any experience in this field?
* How did your interest develop?
* What are you interested in doing after college and why?

About Your Academic Record and Your High School
* What is your GPA? SAT/ACT scores? If there is a discrepancy between your GPA and scores, can you explain it?
* What are your favorite courses taken in high school and why?
* What have you read that was not required in the past year?
* Describe your high school and the different groups within your class. Where do you fit in?
* What are some controversial issues at school? How do you/students approach these issues?
* Describe the community in which you live and your participation in it (work, sports, church).
* What do you see as the value in taking challenging courses?
* How do you measure academic success?
* How do you hope college will be different from high school?

About Your Activities, Interests and Work Experience
* What is/are your most important activity(ies)? Why?
* What work or volunteer experiences have you had during school or summers?
* What have you learned from these experiences?
* Besides working, how have you spent your summers?
* What are some qualities that may set you apart from the other people I spoke to today? (What is unique about you?)
* What local, national or global issues concern you most?
* How are you different from your friends?

About Your Interest in this College
* Who or what influenced you to consider this school?
* Do you know any alumni or present students of this college?
* Do you plan to attend here if accepted? * What other colleges have you visited? What others do you plan to apply to?
* What questions do you have for me? (It is always good to have a few.)