How to Obtain a Work Permit

Please read these instructions carefully to expedite the work permit process.

Criteria for Work Permits:

  1. Under age 16.
  2. Enrolled in school; not habitually truant; not under suspension; passing a majority of courses during current grading period.
  3. Have the “Promise of a Job” from employer.
  4. Apply for permit at the Superintendent’s Office, 353 Cumberland Avenue, and bring the following items listed below.

The Maine State Work Permit Form will need to be completed at the Superintendent’s Office.


Please bring the following to the Superintendent’s Office, 353 Cumberland Avenue, Portland between the hours of 8:30 am-3:30 pm:

  1. Birth Certificates or Resident Alien Card (we must send a copy to the state)
  2. Social Security Card Number
  3. Signed Work Permit Authorization Form (not needed if school is closed for summer vacation)
  4. Completed Employer’s Request for Child Labor Form
  5. Parent to sign work permit (green form) at the Superintendent’s Office
  6. If the student already has a work permit assigned and is changing jobs the previous work permit must be surrendered when applying for a new permit.

Plan ahead. It takes approximately two weeks after applying for a work permit at the Superintendent’s Office for the approved permit to return from the State Department of Labor in Augusta. The approved permit will then be sent to the mailing address listed on the work permit form. The student is then responsible to provide the copy of the approved work permit to her/ his employer prior to beginning work. The minor cannot work until the approved work permit is received from the State.

Work permit instructions 8/7/03