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Naviance is a unique college and career website that helps students to define their goals, investigate careers, make college lists, research specific colleges and so much more. Students are able to utilize online assessments such as the StrengthsExplorer® to learn how to give voice to their individual talents, or Do What You Are® which is a form of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and provides students with an in-depth look at how their personality matches with specific careers.

Counselors also utilize Naviance to send recommendations and transcripts directly to the colleges to which students are applying, which is one of the reasons why we introduce this platform early (during freshmen year) - we want students to feel comfortable and familiar with all that Naviance has to offer by the time senior year rolls around!

All students are provided with a code to login to Naviance during their freshman year. For students who move into our district a bit later, we provide this code during our classroom guidance lessons with their specific grade. When making their account, we encourage students to use their personal email address so that email from outside the district can be sent to them.  If students have forgotten their password, they can click on 'Forgot Your Password?' on the PHS Naviance site to have instructions on how to reset their password emailed to them.