Who Sends What?


1. Completed Application Form

Read the directions for each college carefully. Send applications well before the deadlines and only send applications that are neat and complete.
Some colleges require the application to be sent with the transcript. Most want them mailed separately.

2. Official Test Scores

If your college(s) wants official SAT/ACT scores, you will need to request that a score report be mailed directly from the testing company to the college. You need to notify the testing company where you want your scores sent and keep track of where you are sending scores. This can be done via mail, telephone and the on-line ( for SAT's and for ACT's). There is a fee for each score report that you request.


1. High School Transcript
To send your transcript, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the procedure (see Application Cover Sheet ) and make your requests early. The person in charge of sending transcripts will be very busy and will not be able to process last minute requests. A lead time of two weeks prior to applications deadlines is strongly encouraged.

2. Counselor recommendation (if required).


1. Teacher recommendation (if required).

NOTE: It does not matter which of these arrives first or in what order they arrive as long as everything gets to the college by the deadline. The first item that arrives starts a file in the admissions office. As additional pieces of information arrive, they are added to the file.