Fall in Senior Year

1. Continue to achieve the best grades possible.

2. Revise and update your college list; request applications.

3. Attend college information sessions given by admissions representatives visiting Portland High School.

4. Register for the October, November or December SAT I (or ACT) and/or SAT II subject tests.

5. Request a letter of recommendation from the teacher who knows you best.

6. If you have not already done so, visit colleges to which you plan to apply. Attend classes and arrange to stay overnight on campus whenever possible.

7. Contact college coaches and activity leaders who may be interested in your talents/skills.

8. Prepare your college essay(s) with care. Ask a qualified adult to read it over, checking for content, structure and spelling.

9. Complete all sections of your applications and submit your cover sheet (transcript release form) and the appropriate materials to you counselor. Students are responsible for mailing their portion of the application directly to the college. Your counselor expects Early Decision and Early Action materials by October 1; January 1 applications by December 1; and all other applications should be submitted at least two weeks prior to their deadlines.

10. The financial aid process begins when you apply for admission. Complete all forms requested by your colleges and pay careful attention to deadlines!