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Course Catalog

Planning a Course of Study

This Course Selection Guide has a lot of valuable information that is important for you to know and to remember as you go through high school.  You should talk with your parents, school counselor and teachers to help you make the best selections. Review the graduation requirements and course descriptions to help you decide which classes to take. Consider your interests and think about what you might want to do after high school. Check out the college requirements in the “Mapping Your Future” charts to learn about the various courses offered that can help you explore different career fields.



A high school diploma from the Portland Public Schools is evidence that a student has achieved and demonstrated proficiency in meeting the district’s graduation standards, which are aligned with Maine’s Learning Results Standards.

4 Years of English

8 Credits

4 UP

3 Years of Social Studies

(must include Early US History & Modern US)

6 Credits

3 UP

3 Years of Mathematics

6 Credits

3 UP

3 Years of Science

6 credits

3 UP

1 Year of Visual and Performing Arts

2 credits

1 UP

1 Year PE

2 credits

1 UP

1 Semester Health

1 credit

1 UP

Capstone Project

Capstone Project

Capstone Project

Post-Secondary Plan

Post-Secondary Plan

Post-Secondary Plan

Elective Courses

10 credits

5 UP


41 Credits

21 UP

Notes:    UP = Unit(s) of Proficiency

Most four year colleges require 2 years of a World Language.  

The majority of four year colleges expect completion of Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra II, while most of those colleges expect math beyond Algebra II. Community colleges also expect math competency of Algebra II or require you to take remedial math classes in college.