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Course Catalog 2023-24 - Table of Contents

Standards Based Learning
Students Receiving Special Education Services

INFINITE CAMPUS (IC) – Check your grades online
Maine School of Ballet
Make It Happen
Math Motivators
Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute
Peer Tutoring
Portland School of Ballet Program
Upward Bound Math/Science

Freshman English - REQUIRED  

Honors English 9
College Prep English 9
Co-Taught English 9 

Sophomore English – REQUIRED

Honors English 10
College Prep English 10
Co-Taught College English 10

Junior English - REQUIRED

Advanced Placement (AP) English 11 Language and Composition
Honors English 11
College Prep English 11
Senior English - REQUIRED

Advanced Placement (AP) English

Literature and Composition
Honors English 12
College Prep English 12
Standards Recovery English

English Language Arts Elective Courses

Creative Writing I
Creative Writing II (Capstone Class)
Digital Media (Capstone Class)
Drama Workshop (Capstone Class)
Family Genealogy (Capstone Class)
Life After PHS (Capstone Class)
Literature and Film
Musical Theatre Workshop 
Public Speaking
SAT Critical Reading and Writing

ESOL English 1
ESOL English 2
ESOL English 3 Grammar and Composition (Capstone Class)
ESOL Language Acquisition for Social Studies and Science
ESOL Literacy
ESOL Numeracy
ESOL Foundations of Social Studies
ESOL Foundations of Science
ESOL Biology (Capstone Class)

Continuing English Language Development Support

Multilingual Academic Development
Your College Voice (Capstone Class)

JMG, Jobs for Maine’s Graduates (Capstone Class)
Life After PHS (Capstone Class)
Personal Finance (Capstone Class)
Family Genealogy (Capstone Class)

College Prep Algebra 1 (9)
Honors Algebra 1
Honors AMP 1 - Route to Calculus BC (Honors Algebra 2 w/ advanced functions)
College Prep Algebra 1 (10-12)
College Prep Algebra 2
Honors Algebra 2
College Prep Geometry
Honors Geometry
College Prep Algebra 2 and Geometry
College Prep FST Functions, Statistics, & Trigonometry
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors  AMP 2 - Honors Geometry & Honors Pre-Calculus w/extended topics
Dual Enrollment (DE) Honors Statistics, USM MAT 120 (Capstone Class)
Dual Enrollment (DE) Honors Calculus, USM MAT 152
Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB, Dual Enrollment (DE) USM MAT 152
Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus BC

Intro to Coding with Python (Capstone Class)
Honors Data Analysis (offered 2022-2023) (Capstone Class)
Honors Web Development (offered 2023-2024) (Capstone Class)
Honors Game Development (offered 2024-2025) (Capstone Class)

Honors Earth Science
College Prep Earth Science
Honors Biology
College Prep Biology
Honors Chemistry
College Prep Chemistry
College Prep Physical Science (Co-Taught)
Honors Physics (Capstone Class)
College Prep Physics (Capstone Class)
Honors Anatomy and Physiology (Capstone Class)
Ocean Science (College Prep)
Sustainable Solutions to Environmental Problems (SSEP) (College Prep)(Capstone Class)
Advanced Placement (AP) Biology (Capstone Class)
Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry (Offered in 2023-24)
Advanced Placement (AP) Physics (Offered in 2024-25) (Capstone Class)
Engineering Product Design (Offered in 2024-25)(Capstone Class)
Engineering Machines, Circuits and Structures (Offered in 2023-2024) (Capstone Class)

Semester Classes (1 credit):

Field Ecology
Honors Forensic Science

Freshman Social Studies REQUIRED
Honors World History
College Prep World History
Sophomore Social Studies REQUIRED
Honors Advanced United States History (Advanced Placement Part 1)
Honors Early U.S. History
College Prep Early U.S. History
College Prep Early U.S. History (Co-Taught)
Junior Social Studies – REQUIRED
Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. History
Honors Modern U.S. and World History
College Prep Modern U.S. and World History
Modern U.S. and World History
Social Studies Elective Courses
African American Studies
American Government (Capstone Class)
Camden Conference in the Classroom
Criminal Justice
Current Events
Global Studies Fall and/or Spring (can take either semester or both semesters)
Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology (Capstone Class)
World Religions (Offered 2024-25)

Functional Math
Functional English
Functional Social Studies
Functional Science
Functional Living Skills
Academic Support Center Math Lab
Meet the Standards Math
Meet the Standards English
Academic Support Center (Capstone Class)
Functional Academics (Capstone Class)
Functional Academic Support 
Intensive Support Center (ISC)
BEACH Social Studies
BEACH English
BEACH Science
BEACH Academic Support
BEACH Living Skills for Adulthood


College Prep French 1
College Prep French Intermediate
College Prep French 2
Honors French 3
Honors French 4
Honors French 5
French History and Culture (Capstone Class)


College Prep Spanish 1
College Prep Intermediate Spanish
College Prep Spanish 2
Honors Spanish 3
Honors Spanish 4
Honors Spanish 5
Spanish Heritage Language


College Prep Latin 1
College Prep Latin 2
Honors Latin Poetry (Offered 2023-2024 only) (Capstone Class)
Honors Latin Prose (Offered 2024-2025 only) (Capstone Class)
College Prep Greek 1

Visual Arts
Semester Classes (1 credit):

Art 1 Fundamentals
Advanced Ceramics
Digital Art
Digital Photography 1 (Capstone Class)
Introduction to Visual and Performing Arts

Year Classes (2 credits):

Advanced Art
Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art
Performing Arts

Year Classes (2 credits):

Concert Band or Honors Concert Band (Capstone Class)
Orchestra or Honors Orchestra (Capstone Class)

Semester Classes (1 credit):

Fall Chorus
Spring Chorus
Guitar and Piano Fundamentals
Intermediate Guitar/Piano (Capstone Class)
Drama Workshop (Capstone Class)
Musical Theater Workshop 

Quarter Classes (.5 credits)

Music Appreciation
Steel Pan Drums

Courses for which Visual & Performing Arts/Fine Arts credit is granted

Alternative Education Program (AEP)
AEP Algebra 1 and  AEP Algebra 2
Alternative Credit Option (ACO)
ACO Algebra 2 (Fall)
ACO Geometry (Spring)
ACO Independent

GBSD English Language Arts
GBSD Functional Science
GBSD Functional Reading and Writing
GBSD Functional Social Studies
GBSD US History I
GBSD US History II
GBSD Functional Health
GBSD Functional Math
Baxter Academic Support
American Sign Language for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Student I
American Sign Language for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student II
GBSD Functional Academics