Musical Theater

Scene 1 - Historian
Scene 2 - "Finland"
Scene 3 - Monks' song, Arthur's arrival with Patsy ("I'm Arthur, King of the Britons"), guards talk about sparrows 
Scene 4 - Lance & Robin ("bring out your dead") and "Not Dead Yet"
Scene 5 - Mud Scene, introduction of Dennis/Galahad
Scene 6 - Arrival of Laker Girls, LOL - "Come with Me"  "Song that Goes Like This"
Scene 7 - Historian introduces knights, etc. - "All for One"
Scene 8 - Camelot / "Knights of the Round Table"
Scene 9 - Feet of God
Scene 10 - "Find Your Grail"
Scene 11 - French Taunters /"Run Away"

Tuesday, October 10 - Scene 4 - Mr. Smith/Mr. Quinn - Mrs. Sawtelle meet with costumer(s)
Thursday, October 12 - Scene 5, ALL OTHERS practice songs from scenes 1-8 with Mrs. Sawtelle - Mr. Smith with crew
Monday, October 16 - Scene 6 - All 3 teachers with ensemble?
Wednesday, October 18 - Beginning through Scene 6 - All 3 teachers?
Friday, October 20 - pep rally? Scene 9
Tuesday, October 24 - Scenes 1-7, 9+
Thursday, October 26 - Songs from scene 8
Monday, October 30 - no school
Wednesday, November 1 - Scene 11 - full ensemble (knights with choreographer)
Friday, November 3 - Scenes 1-7, 9-11

PRACTICE TRACKS FOR SONGS - If they're too fast, slow them down on YouTube to .75 speed

A word about casting:
Casting a show is the most difficult part of the class for the teachers, and we want to honor your willingness to risk auditioning. Our intention is to assign every single class member a role that will (1) challenge you while also honoring your other time and attention commitments and (2) give us the best product possible while also making the process of creating a show enjoyable for everyone involved.

Here are some guides to consider once you have been assigned a role:
Wikipedia entry about the various scenes
Wikipedia entry about the various characters
More information about the show

Click here after 9/20/2017 to find cast list by student ID

Auditioning for a
female lead, please prepare:

“Find Your Grail” - Lady of the Lake (solo)


“The Song That Goes Like This” (duet) - Lady of the Lake/King Arthur

Auditioning for a male lead, please prepare:

“I’m All Alone” (solo)


“The Song That Goes Like This” (duet) - Lady of the Lake/King Arthur

Auditioning specifically for Lady of the Lake/Lounge or King Arthur, please also prepare (in addition to the other two songs):

“Knights of the Round Table” from the Camelot scene (start about 3 minutes in)

Auditioning for any supporting singing role, please prepare:

“Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”

choreography stuff as pdf
choreography notes as word document