Percussion and Steel Drum Ensemble(s)
2014 CCU Battery Packet.pdf
Coastal Carolina University Drumline packet

Eight on a Hand

Section demonstration 8 on a hand

Ensemble demonstration

Scale for mallet instruments is
(Right hand) CDEFGABc (ascending - up)
(Left hand) CDEFGABc (ascending - up)
(Right hand) dcBAGFED (descending - down)
(Left hand) CDEFGABc  (ascending - up)
This is a really helpful exercise packet to begin with sticking techniques. We will be practicing the first few exercises in class for warm-ups throughout the semester.


40 drum rudiments

Listening links for Jouvay Man, Limbo Rock, and PHSDrums1

This is a piece called "Yuck." First, here's a video showing a group performing this piece.

These two videos break it down for beginner drummers.
The teacher teaches "by rote" which means she does it, then you do it.

Part 1

Part 2

The third part explained

"Gordo" teaches bucket drumming basics.
And more
Stick twirl!
Singles to Doubles

World's Fastest? Street Drummer

Bell Carol playlist for practice