Music Appreciation

FINAL - Choose one:
Music Careers Assignment 2017

Explore a career in music by answering the questions on the linked worksheet
- OR -
Write a brief review of a live concert you have attended.
Please email me your review at

Movie: "Young@Heart" Watch the trailer
Do you have to be an expert to enjoy performing music?
If you're not an expert, will anyone listen to you and enjoy your performance?

How old is "too old" to be a performing musician?

Movie: "That Thing You Do" Watch the trailer
What music careers are portrayed in this film?

On a side note, what connection does Liv Tyler have with Portland, Maine? With the music world?

Careers Who knew that there were so many career possibilities related music
beyond performing and teaching?


List of careers

Music Therapy

Audio Engineer


Great Day in Harlem

jazz scavenger hunt 2017.pdf

listening links: Heebie Jeebies  I Remember You  In Walked Bud

Rock and Roll and the American Teenager

American Bandstand spotlight dance 1964

The British Invasion

How did we get from this in 1964

to this in 1975????

Ed Sullivan show February 9, 1964  "The Sixties" "British Invasion"

The Ed Sullivan Show music acts of the 1950s and 1960s

The T.A.M.I. Show

The 70s... all about the money?

VH1 presents the 70s

Spinal Tap - Just for laughs ("Goes to 11") stonehenge - Just for laughs



Music and Emotion

Survey assignment WARNING: This video is NOT school-safe!
You will need to "bleep" this video at 1:03 and 3:30 (text) and 4:27, 7:09, 7:14, 7:29
Music and Memory
TEDtalks on Music and the Brain

Classical Music can be a little bit boring (17:43)

The presenter in this video diagrams several styles of music, showing form and repetition


How playing an instrument benefits your brain (4:44)


What parts of the brain light up when creating or improvising music? (16:23)


Sir Ken Robinson - Do schools kill creativity? (19:21)


"In the Key of Genius" - A musician with autism and his piano teacher (19:38)

music styles bingo

Please complete this sentence: "I have a personal connection to the musical style ___________, because ________________________________ __________________________ ____________________."
Here's one of mine:
I (Mrs. Sawtelle) have a personal connection to the musical style "Barbershop," because my father used to sing in a barbershop quartet called "Dave and the Gramps."

"Amadeus" Fact-checking

We watched this movie about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but how much of it is true?

Truth or fiction?

Mozart expert weighs in Here's the assessment: amadeus test
Pachelbel Canon On water glasses
Bar score with traditional instruments
Pachelbel Canon info
Pachelbel Canon more info
Pachelbel Canon rant
Pachelbel Canon Guitar Quartet (variations)
Minecraft Pachelbel Canon On organ Acapella Pentatonic Scale


Make an instrument that will play a PENTATONIC (5-tone) scale. You may tap on glass and use water to change the pitches or use your finger to wipe the rim and get the glass to vibrate that way. If you prefer, you can make a 5-tone “pipe” from straws.

The five-tone scale should be DO RE MI SOL LA (you can use CDEGA or GABDE or FGACD)

How many songs can this guy play using a pentatonic scale?

Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale

VIRTUAL water xylophone

STRAW instrument

"Found" instruments - big things make low sounds

Water Xylophone demonstration

Tuned tubes (BOOMwhackers)

Buckets "YUCK" Peter and the Wolf "Peter and the Wolf" is a children's story with music, composed by Sergei Prokofiev in 1936. It was written to entertain children while also educating them about families of instruments of the orchestra. Some scholars believe the piece is also an allegory about the political situation of the Soviet Union in the 1930s, with characters representing various bickering Soviet republics, Peter being namedξfor Peter the Great, and the wolf representing anti-Community Nazi Germany. Regardless of its meaning, there is a very good chance you have heard and will continue to hear parts of "Peter and the Wolf" in many settings, and also that, should you become a parent, your children will hear it too. To begin our study of instruments of the orchestra, we are watching FOUR versions of "Peter and the Wolf," and will compare them.
Here's the first video, which is a recording of the Vancouver Symphony, with the conductor narrating.
Here's another, with a smoking duck and an odd mix of puppets and live action (start at 2:45)
This is the Disney one your grandparents (okay... me too) heard as kids, probably. It's been whitewashed a bit.
This is the trailer only to a kind of "dark" animated version most recently released in 2008.
Below is another clip.
The other one (the Oscar-winning one) I purchased from Amazon, but it's also at the library.
This may be it, actually

peter and wolf test

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

Narrated full version



On Ice
On kazoos
London Orchestra
Viola's point of view
Rolling bar score
Snare drum part

If you didn't play your GarageBand project in class, please export it as an mp3 (the directions are in the tutorial below) and email it to me as an attachment. My email is I will reply to confirm I got it.

This tutorial is for absolute GarageBand beginners, both iMac and iPad. The iPad directions start at about the 6 minute mark.


Abstract Images

Yellowstone Park


Tom and Jerry

car chase Use only two minutes, please

This is the wrong due date, but here's the assignment
assignment movie score
GarageBand Tutorial - click here

Or use this tutorial

Or this

Unit T
hree - How music affects film
Intro to Film Scoring: Same Scene 5 Ways - YouTube
How Music can Change a Film - YouTube
A Theory of Film Music - YouTube
Hans Zimmer: the Conscience of Creating the Film Score - YouTube
How Pixar uses Music to make you Cry - YouTube
How Music Affects Film #1 - YouTube
How Music Affects Film #2 - YouTube
How Music Affects Film #3 - YouTube
How Music Affects Film #4 - YouTube
How Music Affects Film #5 - YouTube
How Music Affects Film #7 - YouTube

Unit Two
- John Williams goes to the movies

john williams music
hedwigs theme

Unit one - Death music, the "Dies Irae"

Dies Irae

Exit Music

Blog post

Juelz Santana

Videogame music