Jazz band will meet during WHITE days Bulldog Block, followed by regular band. Students do not have to be in regular band (concert band) to be in jazz band, or vice versa. Jazz band will also periodically rehearse before or after school in preparation for concerts or festivals. Any instrument is welcome in jazz band, although students should be proficient in playing their instrument as well as reading music and/or chords. Check back for more information about selections for rehearsals and listening examples.

If you are interested in forming a jazz combo of your own in addition to jazz band, you can sign up for Bulldog Block "open studio" time. There are several events at PHS and in the community where a small jazz combo would be welcome, and I'm sure groups would be kept busy with informal performances.


Smooth (HS jazz band)

Baby, It's Cold Outside
Baby, ICO (HS jazz band)

Zoot Suit Riot
ZSR (HS jazz band)